Hadrian Zbarcea

Hadrian is a Solutions Architect for Inrupt. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, created Solid to realize the web as he fully envisioned it. Sir Tim co-founded Inrupt to provide enterprise-grade Solid software and services. Inrupt’s data infrastructure software enables enterprises and governments to deploy and manage Solid-compliant solutions. The company’s products are the expression of decades of experience in security, compliance, and operational excellence.

Hadrian’s passion is leveraging open source technologies to build services that streamline access to essential and relevant data, maximizing operational efficiencies and connecting companies with their target audiences.

Hadrian’s goal is to deliver excellence. He strives to create serendipity and he works hard to ensure that an organization has the right technical tools and social structure to deliver. Having been involved in several major Apache projects and many other commercial ones, Hadrian has both the technical expertise and industry recognition to lead (open source) projects in the cloud computing and integration fields. Most importantly, he has an extensive network to rely upon to complement areas of expertise.

As VP of Fundraising at Apache, Hadrian is constantly in touch with many technology leaders including the generous supporters of his favorite charity, the Apache Software Foundation.

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