Reimagining Data-Driven Innovation: Lessons Learned for Public, Private, and Non-Profit Organizations

Public sector and non-profit organizations too often overlook the importance and potential of data analytics to improve outcomes for constituents, donors, and their organizations. Likewise, while private industry has largely embraced data to increase revenue and improve operational efficiency, they often ignore the human element and fail to derive insights that could improve both customer and employee experience. Moreover, while demand for data analysts increases, educational institutions and employers continue to overlook one of the most exciting and potentially impactful opportunities for innovation: interdisciplinary data analysts. Doctors, social workers, educators, business analysts, and even customer service representatives with data backgrounds hold the key to new and innovative insights for organizations in every sector.

During this session, Max Green will share insights into how to bridge the gap between data analytics and your workforce through training, recruiting, and integration of data into your existing processes and workflows. Max will also share lessons learned from his work in Congress and with non-profits, building policies and processes driven by data, customer experience, and employee experience.

Data Science
Location: Allegheny Date: October 27, 2022 Time: 11:30 am - 12:20 pm Max Green