The Journey to Insights-Driven Success: Scalable Approaches to Competing in the New Age of Data

Citizen development and the ubiquity of data analytics are forcing organizations to compete and innovate at a speed never before witnessed. In order for organizations to thrive, they must shift from data-aware and data-driven to insights driven. This will require organizations to rethink the principles, competencies, and processes that govern their current data strategies from the top down. Luckily, the same shifts driving this change can be leveraged to help organizations meet the challenge. Organizations that make strategic investments in insight capabilities, embrace insight collection and implementation as a team sport, and foster an environment of continuous learning and experimentation with data analysis will see significant and transformational returns.

During this session, Max Green will share insights into how to bridge the gap between data analytics and your workforce, integrate data into your existing processes and workflows, and build a future-fit, insights driven organization no matter the scale of investment that your organization can afford. Max will also share lessons learned from his work in Congress and with non-profits, building policies and processes driven by data, customer experience, and employee experience.

Data Science
Location: Allegheny Date: October 27, 2022 Time: 11:30 am - 12:20 pm Max Green