Fly Uncharted Territory: How to be Bold, Resourceful, and Agile for Success

Unlocking potential can be much more than an aspirational approach to growth and learning… it can become a powerful mindset that inherently requires us to work to crack the code on what makes each of us tick, time and time again.

In order to plan and complete her 28,000 Nautical Mile flight around the world in a single engine airplane, speaker Amelia Rose Earhart made it her mission to unlock potential within herself, her ideas, and her global flight itself; reaching her goal in 2014, despite major turbulence along the way.

In her presentation, “Fly Uncharted Territory: How to be bold, resourceful and agile for success,” Amelia shares her story of what it took to build and complete her world flight, as well as several “flight lessons” we can all use to navigate the uncharted territory of our futures. These lessons provide actionable steps to take a pilot’s perspective while navigating even the roughest storms, both professional and personal.

Remember… the unlocking of our potential must not only been done when skies are clear, often our greatest growth and brightest ideas emerge in times of turbulence.

Keynote Presentation
Location: Allegheny Date: October 27, 2022 Time: 2:50 pm - 4:00 pm Amelia Rose Earhart