Cyber Bikeshedding: The industry has lost the ball, how you can get it back

The cybersecurity industry is over optimized for incident response, reacting to malicious events after-the-fact. Current technologies produce alerts after a breach has occurred, facilitating clean-up, remediation, and other follow-on activities. A plethora of security standards and compliance frameworks exacerbate the problem, demanding a variety of well-intentioned but often futile busywork policies.

Security teams are consequently drowning in alert fatigue, incident response workloads, volumes of false positives, and policy paperwork. The cybersecurity workforce is experiencing high stress and burnout, with many professionals contemplating leaving the industry altogether. The problem has become so bad that the original intent of cybersecurity has become lost in the noise: stopping bad guys from doing damage.

This presentation will briefly discuss how we got here, and provide definitive guidance on how to restore and maintain focus on practical defense. Implementation of these strategies will empower cybersecurity and other tech employees, increasing job satisfaction and lowering burnout. Significant time will be reserved for audience discussion. Bring your questions!

Location: Cumberland Room Date: October 19, 2023 Time: 10:30 am - 11:20 am Frank Koehl