Presentation Videos

Tech at the Gap 2022: Prepare For Launch

Thank you to Allegany Media for providing videos of all of our amazing sessions this year! Want more? See our 2021 presentations.

General Session: Amelia Rose Earhart

Summary: Unlocking potential can be much more than an aspirational approach to growth and learning… it can become a powerful mindset that inherently requires us to work to crack the code on what makes each of us tick, time and time again. In order to plan and complete her 28,000 Nautical Mile flight around the world in a single engine airplane, speaker Amelia Rose Earhart made it her mission to unlock potential within herself, her ideas, and her global flight itself; reaching her goal in 2014, despite major turbulence along the way.

General Session: Juha Mikkola

Summary: Juha Mikkola is the founder of Usko Privacy. Usko allows users to view, analyze and monetize their Amazon purchase history completely securely. Previously, Juha founded Wyncode Academy, the largest coding and digital design educator in the Southeast. An awarded community leader, Juha was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2015 and won the South Florida Business Journal’s H. Wayne Huizenga Startup of the Year Award in 2016. He served as the Beacon Council’s Tech Committee Chair in 2021. Juha’s deep network, experience with technology, and understanding of consumers is key to launching the revolutionary data monetization tool, Usko.

General Session: Tony Sager

Summary: Are you suffering from Cyber FOMO (Fear of cyberthreats, Overwhelmed by marketing claims, Mystified by cyber wizards, Out of patience w technobabble)? Even cybersecurity professionals can’t keep up! The irony is that never in the history of cyberdefense have we had more tools, training, and threat information available to us. But it’s not a lack of good resources that holds us back, it’s the overwhelming “Fog of More” of technology, information, and marketing. In this talk, Tony Sager discusses how to focus in on the problems and solutions that really matter, without having to hire a roomful of wizards or bankrupt your company in the name of better cybersecurity.

Breakout Session: Todd Marks

Summary: In January 2022, Mindgrub’s Founder & CEO, Todd Marks, announced that the company’s headquarters would shift from Baltimore into the metaverse after recognizing that connection in the digital world is the way forward–not only for agencies and consultancies like Mindgrub, but for many businesses and industries around the world. Today, you can try on clothes, order food, and even learn hands-on trades–all within the metaverse, and its capabilities are only expanding. Join Todd in this session to learn more about how companies in tourism, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, education, and more can grow within the metaverse and use it to kick business up a notch. We’ll dive into some ideas on how the metaverse can be best utilized across industries, as well as how to embrace this virtual future going forward.

Breakout Session: Tina Williams-Koroma

Summary: Tina Williams-Koroma addresses the challenges, consequences, and solutions related to the timeliness of making security updates to organizational systems. While security updates and change and configuration management, more broadly, typically are not “clickbait” topics, untimely practices in these areas do often result in many of the cybersecurity headlines about breached systems, exploited data, ransomware attacks, compromised credentials, business email compromise, data exfiltration, etc. An alarming statistic is that 80% of security breaches are due to misconfigured and unpatched systems, costing U.S. organizations an average of $4.2M per breach!

Breakout Session: Max Green

Summary: Citizen development and the ubiquity of data analytics are forcing organizations to compete and innovate at a speed never before witnessed. In order for organizations to thrive, they must shift from data-aware and data-driven to insights driven. This will require organizations to rethink the principles, competencies, and processes that govern their current data strategies from the top down. During this session, Max Green will share insights into how to bridge the gap between data analytics and your workforce, integrate data into your existing processes and workflows, and build a future-fit, insights driven organization no matter the scale of investment that your organization can afford.

Breakout Session: Graham Dodge

Summary: Innovation can transform cities when technology industry sectors become interdependent with academic institutions. Graham Dodge will discuss how his 501(c)3 nonprofit MAGIC is leading technology-driven economic development in Westminster, Maryland through various innovation projects that are bringing industry and academia together, and the role that entrepreneurs and city officials alike can play to accelerate that development and turn their Main Street communities into the next Silicon Valley.

Breakout Session: Basheer Azizi

Summary: Basheer Azizi focuses on addressing challenges faced by managing cloud based service operations. Cloud Management and automation is an important area of discussion when it comes to delivery of SAS products. The collection of your cloud configuration data and synthesizing that data to ensure optimal performance is key to successfully leveraging your cloud platforms. While the virtual platforms such as AWS/Azure and VMWare have provided many opportunities, the transition to these platforms come with new challenges. In this session, we will address some of those challenges and discuss how to manage your service operations in the cloud by using innovative solutions.

Breakout Session: Jon O’Keefe, M. Ed.

Summary: The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification should already be on your radar, whether you are currently a member of the Defense Industrial Base as a business, or you are evaluating your career options in cybersecurity as you enter the work force. This wide sweeping cybersecurity ecosystem will be impacting almost all businesses starting in 2023, and it has the potential to unlock millions of careers! In this presentation, Jon O’Keefe, M. Ed. covers the basics of CMMC, how the transition from CMMC 1.0 to 2.0 has broadened the scope and career potential of the CMMC ecosystem, and how you can unlock your potential by getting involved in CMMC.