Presentation Videos

Tech at the Gap 2021: Prepare For Launch

Thank you to Allegany Media for providing videos of all of our amazing sessions this year!

General Session: Claire Haidar

Summary: Claire Haidar is a technology entrepreneur who believes that work is becoming a chaotic place. This is good and ultimately positive for humanity, but it’s highly disruptive for the foreseeable future. What appears to be chaotic is in fact a complex system, where a lot of micro-changes are happening regularly, in a seemingly unpredictable way.

General Session: “Jedi” Jon O’Keefe, M.Ed.

Summary: The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us! How will you spend your next ten years acclimating to this upcoming shift of a data-driven economy? In this presentation, Jon O’Keefe helped attendees chart a course through the future of data as understood through three different types of roles: Data Analytics, Data Security, and Data Ethics.

General Session: Cpt. Robert “Hoot” Gibson

Summary: Captain Robert “Hoot” Gibson, USN Retired, flew 5 missions aboard the Space Shuttles CHALLENGER, COLUMBIA, ATLANTIS & ENDEAVOUR, once as Co-Pilot and four times as the Mission Commander. He was inducted into the Astronaut Hall of Fame in 2003.

Robert “Hoot” Gibson, who still works as an Aerospace Consultant, engaged the audience with his stories about leadership, teamwork, and overcoming obstacles, using his life as a pilot and astronaut as a backdrop.

Breakout Session: David McGann

Summary: By 2023, Gartner predicts that over half of the cloud market will be dominated by only the 10 biggest public cloud providers. Organizations can quickly become vendor locked and at risk of unpredictability in cloud provider policies, costs, and capabilities. David McGann discussed what makes a hybrid multi-cloud platform, IT challenges, and the technologies that support the solution.

Breakout Session: “Jedi” Jon O’Keefe, M.Ed.

Summary: There are currently over 350,000 different organizations handling sensitive information for the Department of Defense as part of our nation’s supply chain. Jon O’Keefe shared valuable information about the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), a combined DoD and government initiative to introduce a set of security practices that organizations must demonstrate in order to continue to participate in the DoD supply chain.

Breakout Session: Ramon Balut

Summary: Ramon Balut led this session on how you can use two of the most popular tools, Shodan and Google, to augment your current vulnerability management toolset. He shared what these tools can tell you and provided an introduction to get the attendees up and running to gather information you can start using today.

Breakout Session: Chris Miller

Summary: The increase in network platforms has created the most complex ecosystem, and integrating and onboarding new technologies presents new challenges for businesses. This breakout session by Chris Miller covered how to create better visibility, more interoperability, and better insights.